A successful business starts with a clear vision and a thorough understanding of the opportunities available to turn that vision into a reality. Whether you have an idea for a future venture or you already have a side-line business whilst studying, this course will help you consider your vision and explore the opportunities available. It will give you the time to plan and help you to start documenting your thoughts in a structured business plan while allowing you to share your ideas with others. This course is the first in a series of six courses in the class on ‘Business Development’.

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Course Timeline:
Know how you can make the best out of this course.
Before embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, it’s worth setting the context – of the entrepreneurial learning cycle.
Referring to an industry case study, Nigel considers whether entrepreneurs discover or create business opportunities.
In this case study, the entrepreneur has a challenge; Emma is considering the opportunities available for her business.
What next?
TODO: Opportunity business model
You may find that sometime in the future, you need to convince others of the viability of a new business idea. A robust business plan will help you to do this.
We've come to the end of this course. What next?

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  • By: Nestory Komba
    4 months ago

    Rating 5

    4 months ago

    Sincere appreciation to the ALI team

  • By: William Nnamani
    4 months ago

    So easy to comprehend and assimilate are the teachings and ready to implement knowledge

  • By: Oscar Yagazie Akor
    4 months ago

    One thing is to teach and another is to make your students understand. Truly, ALI has not only thought me but made me understand the rudiments in business. I thank you so much

  • By: Obiageli Okagbue
    4 months ago

    This course is great. It feels like a mentor held my hand whilst teaching me about business and the tasks are simple yet effective. Thank you so much #ALI

  • By: Godstime Nwabue
    4 months ago

    This course is top notch

  • By: Mitchell Amaechi
    4 months ago

    This course is precise and enlightening.

    4 months ago

    I am exceedingly grateful to African Leadership Institute for the opportunity given to me to study Vision and Opportunity In Business Development. In this course I learned about the characteristics of Entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial process, the dimensions of opportunity business models, the drivers of the opportunity, business plan, and much more.

  • By: Chukwuemeka Udogadi
    4 months ago

    Am in awe. Amazing platform with great contents. Thank you #ALI. I can't rate this program below a 5 star.

  • By: Ebenezer Seigbeh
    4 months ago

    A big thank you to the ALI team for this experience. This course has widened my horizon as a business enthusiast. It was actually good studying with ALI..

  • By: Mbetobong John
    4 months ago

    Useful lesson for beginners and potential Entrepreneurs.

  • By: Pentecost Onowu
    4 months ago

    A learning approach with practical examples. Great Job by the ALI Team!

  • By: Sallieu S. Mansaray
    5 months ago

    It has really been a great move. Thank you. #Learnwithali.

  • By: Saratu Gambo
    5 months ago

    It was engaging and allows for thought processing the scenarios were realistic.

  • By: Peter Kenda
    5 months ago

    A good class. Wonderful lessons for life and success in business. Thank you ALI

  • By: Ifeoluwa Edawole
    5 months ago

    The course is communicated in a easy way to understand and it is also participatory.

    5 months ago

    Learning is simple and straightforward. Thank you ALI for this opportunity.

  • By: Olugbenga Owoye
    5 months ago

    This is great

  • By: Delina Kasesha
    5 months ago

    All thanks to the ALI team for enabling me access this platform,at has activated my intepreneul mindset.

  • By: Mohammed-Farouk Lamidi
    5 months ago

    This module sets the stone rolling and gets the mind tuned to the entrepreneurial frequency. The high point for me is the case scenario.

  • By: Adeyanju Oluwaseun
    5 months ago

    Very interesting and mind-blowing with a simple analogy for better understanding

  • By: Ezeugwu Emmanuel
    5 months ago

    All thanks go to ALI for this great opportunity to learn how to become an entrepreneur. The courses are essential, easy to understand and their approach considered real-life situations.

  • By: Garba Assoumane TOUNKARA
    5 months ago

    This course is important for a young entrepreneur or an entrepreneur to further develop his ideas

  • By: Edem Effiong
    5 months ago

    I'll rate it a 4. It is very easy to comprehend, promotes interactions and very practical.

  • By: Abimbola Titilayomi Kayode
    5 months ago

    5 star!! All the way!!.. thank you ALI

  • By: Isah Hudu
    5 months ago

    It's really nice experience for me. Thanks ALI ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • By: Rekik Ketema
    5 months ago

    This was a very good, interactive lesson.

  • By: Andrew Dura Tarawalie
    5 months ago

    Thanks very much ALI Team this course is essential to become a good entrepreneur. Once again thanks for this great opportunity.

  • By: Abimbola Olaniyan
    5 months ago

    This is very impactful. Thank you ALI team. My friends will know about this.

  • By: Daniel Niyibizi
    5 months ago

    thank you ALI team. looking forward to learning more about business development in the next corses

  • By: Musa Kebiru Joseph
    5 months ago

    The Business Development: Vision and Opportunities is concise and straight to the point... ALI, thank for make it short, simple and straight to the point.

  • By: Theresa Awotundun
    5 months ago

    I'm always scared to think about business, cause I don't know where to start the thinking from, I've taken up some courses which I found boring and didn't finish. ALI solved both problems for me as they made learning fun and simplified. Now, I know where to start from and how to go about business planning with the tips I got from this course. Thank you ALI for this opportunity.

  • By: Andrew Temitope Balogun
    5 months ago

    The learning experience is massive. The modules are worth the time, energy, invested. It's a 5 all the way!

  • By: Abisi Nathaniel
    5 months ago

    ALI has the best and world standard learning platform,with good business and leadership courses. I am so glad to be a beneficiary of these great institution. #learningwithali@educateali

  • By: Agaji Eneji
    5 months ago

    This is truly a course for every entrepreneur learn. Thank you ALI for this opportunity.

  • By: Ezemwenghian Iziegbuwa
    5 months ago

    Am glad to learn this at this time. Its interesting, enlightening and educative. @learnwithAli @educate_ali

  • By: Yaovi Joël DJATASSIBA
    5 months ago

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    5 months ago

    Ali Management deserved more than five star, Thanks to you guys

  • By: Chinedu Ogbonna
    5 months ago

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  • By: Godson Nwankwo
    5 months ago

    I give it a 5 Star. The course was great, I had to do a lot of brain storming to come up with my comments

    5 months ago


  • By: Chika Nnajekwu
    5 months ago

    I enjoyed the session. Keep up the good works. #LearnWithALI

  • By: Opeyemi Ogunsami
    5 months ago

    "A successful business starts with a clear vision and a thorough understanding of the opportunities available to turn that vision into a reality." This is quite insightful.

  • By: Fomboh N. Richard
    5 months ago

    Thank you ALI team. The course is boosting my business skills. I give you 5 point rating

  • By: Sodiq Akorede Oladimeji
    5 months ago

    The lesson is encouraging and impressive, it was taught with clear and direct purpose of the study

  • By: John Kokole
    5 months ago

    Thanks to ALI team. The course was helpful and was a fountain of knowledge. I am filled and flabbergasted. Thanks

  • By: Henrietta Atselimhe
    5 months ago

    I have learnt how that entrepreneurs create and design opportunities. Opportunities can be designed into a business plan, which serves as a convincing guide for the business owner and potential investors. Thank you ALI for this opportunity to learn and grow.

  • By: Alfred Mishi
    5 months ago

    Wisdom is knowing what to do and applying it. Team ALI have just given me the knowledge and shown me how to apply it. Thank you Team ALI

  • By: Paul Ngbue
    5 months ago

    It is indeed a great and fabulous experience gleaned from the lesson. I am elated for being part this great Institute

  • By: Zainab Olaitan Balogun
    5 months ago

    Today's course was amazing. I was able to do re-think and discover opportunities around me which I never noticed. The course was an eye opener, looking forward for more. Thank you very much #LearnwithALI

  • By: Ismaila Abdulmumini Muhammad
    5 months ago

    I really love it. Learning with ALI is magic. They know the exact techniques to let you learn without feeling any bore. The idea of providing feedback at the end of each lesson is undoubtedly creative to push the learners forward while being critical and detailed. Thank you so much. #LearnWithAli

  • By: Okoroafor Ifeanyi progress
    5 months ago

    It really great and am so happy so show my family my first certificate from ALI so proud of you

  • By: Oluwasegun Ogunsakin
    5 months ago

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  • By: Tobiloba Samuel
    5 months ago


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    5 months ago

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  • By: Success Olaleye
    5 months ago

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    5 months ago

    Many thanks to you ALI team for this great privilege. This courses are very essential to become a successful entrepreneur.

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