In this course, you will explore individual personalities and learn what inspires people to want to succeed in the workplace. You will learn the tools used to identify these traits and recognize that certain traits, such as the ability to handle stress, are more desirable than others in a work setting. Organizational behaviour focuses on how individuals interact within a firm. Different incentives motivate and influence individuals; some people strive for success or social status, others just like to keep busy, and still, others are focused on simply making money. These are important differences to consider if you are at the helm of a business, as it may influence the ways in which you motivate your workforce.


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Let's look at what Organisation Behaviour really means.
There are many trends within the workplace and around the globe that have and will continue to affect the workplace and your career. We are sure you have noticed many of these trends simply by reading newspaper headlines. We will highlight some of these trends along with the challenges and opportunities they present for you.

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    6 months ago

    Opening my eye again to what leadership is all about,manager and leader

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