This course highlights the significance of what is known as soft skills. Soft skills are qualities and behaviours that you possess such as good communication skills, creativity, problem-solving skills etc. They are personality traits which you can cultivate, grow and transform over time. The skills and lessons you will learn on this course are looked at in the context of a work environment. However, it is important to remember that all of these skills are transferable and we encourage you to put them into practice when and where you can.


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Communicating well and authentically with people is very important. Whether you’re with friends or with colleagues, good communication is key in achieving productivity and cultivating strong, supportive relationships.
Now that you’ve started to identify your communication style, it’s time to ask a more prominent question: who are you?
In this lesson, you’ll continue your journey of self-exploration by looking at a variety of ways to discover your communication style.
In this lesson, you will be introduced to Dana Denis-Smith who talks about her personal communication style and her insight into communicating as a business leader.
In this lesson, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned about your communication styles and discuss your thoughts and findings with other learners on the course.
So far, you’ve explored the different styles of communication, but you may need to communicate differently under different circumstances.
When communicating face-to-face, your non-verbal communication can support or undermine your intention for the conversation and the resulting outcome.
Would you speak to a child the same way you speak to an adult? Would you write an email to a friend the same way you’d write one to your manager?
So far, you’ve learned about different approaches, formats and styles of communication. In this step, you’ll see an example of how to identify what can be done to improve an area of communication.
You’re now halfway through this course. You have explored your personal communication style, you have learned about various communication platforms, and you have identified your communication goals.
Having good communication skills is only the beginning. It’s also important to understand what strengths you have when communicating and where you might be able to improve.
Now you’ve reflected on your communication, it’s time to find out what the experts do.
What can you do if you’ve experienced a challenging conversation?
In this lesson, Dana, Jamie and Keji share their experiences and explain how it’s an essential skill to learn. In particular, they emphasise the importance of addressing an issue before it builds up, focusing on your common goals and practising active listening.
Read through Ali’s dilemma and think about what advice you would give.
So what can you do to improve your own communication skills?
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