The Story: Refugee Camp couldn't stop my dream

04 May 2021 Learnali Admin 0 News

Benedict Kuol was born in the Kakuma refugee camp and was raised in the camp before relocating to a small border town to attend his primary school. He was raised in a violent environment that was characterized by large humanitarian intervention. This greatly motivated Benedict to dream of leading and serving society. In his primary school, he took several roles including; platoon commander of the scout club, chairman of the wildlife and redress club. The leadership experience from then on fermented a love of service.

The same love of service manifested in high school where he was selected as House Captain and Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. Upon inception to university, Benedict took up a passion for sports and co-curricular activities such as various clubs and student organizations. He was nominated as director of corporate relations AIESEC in Strathmore University and later chairman of the Finance Senate. He also served as a member of the South Sudanese Association in Kenya. Currently, Benedict an ambassador for Learnali in South Sudan.

He is endeavoring to liberate society through a humanitarian initiative Hope for Education and Development South Sudan. The mission is to liberate the masses through education as Samora Machel articulated in the 'struggle continues'. Benedict has a dream to become a political leader who will articulate the cause of the people of Abyei Independent Area and one day lead the people of South Sudan.

Benedict's story is a motivation for all. Your background should not determine who you become. You are in control of your life and your dreams are possible.

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